Google's check for update will start working in 2018

In September of this year, we heard that Google was making it easier (and faster) for Nexus and Pixel owners to pull Android updates to their devices just by tapping a button. The “Check for update” button was being designed to actually pull an update as soon as it was available. So if Google released an update for your supported Nexus or Pixel device, tapping that button would pull it to the phone. Up to that point, it could be hit-or-miss if checking for an update would actually do anything, even if the new software was released to the public.

Well, for the folks who kept trying and found out it was still not working, apparently that’s because it was actually broken. Google’s Elliott Hughes has taken to Google+ to inform the masses that a Google Play Services update actually broke the feature. That update caused incompatibility between the System Update code and the Checkin code.

The good news here is that Google has already fixed it internally and that the feature is once again working for employees. However, the company won’t be releasing an update for the public right away until sometime in 2018.

It can always be a little frustrating to see that your phone refuses to update, even when you know there’s new software out there for the device. This is one feature that should have helped with that, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see how well it fares out in the real world.

Source:- Google+
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