Androiddrac is always ready to provide full support to it's supporters. AndroidDrac welcomes's everyone, you can send to us your company's press releases, news, products info and offers.We are glad to freely promote your company and your products on our website. All the Data must be in english language,having a good resolution relevant image.If you want to us to make a review on your products, you have to send product details along with a HD video or images.

 We feel good to answer your queries and problems leave your comment in our contact Page for additional help on queries. For Indian Brands we always ready to provide full support on your products & Items.Dispatch the item(s) require a review to us (we will provide you our address), once the items has been received,your review will go live within 3-5 days. When dispatching items please ensure they are sufficiently packaged and protected and include any media packs and your personal contact details in case our editorial team should have any queries.

Please, only if possible, include the following information with each item dispatched to us for submission. 1). The suggested retail price. 2) Operating instructions for your product. 3). A brief description of the product. 4). Contact details of your company.

 Thank you!
Mtk Tauseef Founder- Android Drac
Mail Us:- [email protected]
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