Mozilla's new Browser based VPN is coming

Mozilla just announced its Firefox Private Network feature and it's in testing for now. The feature is essentially a browser-based VPN that users can utilise to keep their browsing private and hide their location from websites and trackers. As of now this feature is only available to US users with login to their Firefox Browser from Laptop or Desktop.

As mentioned, the new Firefox Private Network is currently available only in the US on the Firefox desktop browser. You will also need a Firefox account for this to work, and you can download the extension from their website. After installation, you can click on the new icon that shows up on the right edge of the toolbar. This icon will let you switch the VPN on or off, depending on your preference.

The Verge who tested out this feature reported that the download speed was 17 Mbps a bit slower as compared to the previous one but still manage to misguide the trackers. Still it shows some ads that needs to improved by the time.
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