New Apps in Google Play Store this week

Love to use newly added apps ah! we love too. Thousands of apps added monthly on Google play store but many of the apps go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. I've picked some new apps from Google Play Store that are worth to check out:-


Description: SLOWLY lets you meet pen friends from your smartphone! Match with someone that shares your passion, write a letter and collect stamps from around the world. Speak your mind – one letter at a time!

Download:- PlayStore


Description: Hummingbird uses the latest AI and search technology to help you locate stories. In Hummingbird, you can find stories and videos on topics you care about and from sources you trust on the web. You set it up with just a few taps.

Download:- PlayStore

Jio Browser:- 

Description: Jio Browser is powerful app which give you smooth surfing experience

Download:- PlayStore

Play Ground Travel:-

Description: Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile, getting there is all the fun with these speedy Playmoji. This is a Playmoji pack for Playground. It requires the latest version of ARCore ( and Playground ( to be installed first.

Download:- PlayStore

MNML Screen Recorder:- 

Description: Other screen recorders I’ve come across didn’t quite cut it. They either have ads, not-so-pretty user interfaces, too many settings, or all of the above. MNML aims to fix this problem by providing a beautiful and easy-to-use experience that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Download:- PlayStore

3D Creator:-

Description: Capture your world in 3D straight from your Xperia device and turn people and objects into high-resolution 3D models. Make 3D memories, share them with friends or get them printed – the possibilities are endless.

Download:- PlayStore

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