Google's messaging app receiving spam protection

Google’s Messages app is a clean and simple way to text. Google's owned Messaging app which brings many features to a simple stock app is now getting spam protection.The latest addition to the app is spam protection, though it comes with some caveats.

This seems to be a server side rollout as most devices aren’t getting this option yet. However, those who do are getting a pop up at the bottom of the app offering the feature and allowing you to turn it off.

Why would you turn it off? Spam protection can’t be a bad thing, can it? Well it does require Google to collect data from you. Message contents are safe, but data about the messages themselves will be collected and sent to Google for this feature to work.

If you’re all about privacy, you’ll want to turn this feature off. You can do it from the pop-up or by heading to Settings > Advanced > Spam protection. For the rest of us, if SMS spam is an issue, this should help quite a bit. The feature should be rolling out to everyone soon so keep an eye out!
Google's messaging app receiving spam protection Google's messaging app receiving spam protection Reviewed by Admin on 12/30/2018 12:38:00 PM Rating: 5


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  2. Its been old issue now its fixed and now messages app comes inbuilt by the mobile company like FM WhatsApp.

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