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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Huawei mate 10 Pro gets 97 DxOMark score, another camera giant in Market

The Google Pixel held its reign as the top dog of the DxOMark camera ratings for a long time.
Shockingly, the recently announced Huawei Mate 10 Pro has now taken second place with a score of 97, a single point below the Pixel 2. And even more interesting, the Mate 10 Pro scored a 100 in still images, a point above the Pixel 2 (which received a better 96 in video, while the Mate 10 Pro got a 91) and matching the Note 8. Is the Leica-branded Mate 10 Pro a better smartphone shooter than the Pixel 2?

Well no, these numbers are not a perfect representation of final image quality. The meat of the information is in the write up, and the Mate 10 Pro seems to be an absolutely excellent camera. In fact, it can shoot more natural, lower noise shots in low light than the Pixel 2 (which is admittedly brighter and shows more dynamic range). It looks like that second monochrome sensor is putting in work. DxOMark even praised the device’s 2x digital zoom, which is not quite as good as a dedicated 2x zoom lens but far better than other devices without one.

Hit the source link for the full scoop on camera performance and the intricacies of how it takes photos. It’s an interesting read, and it’s definitely cool to see a different brand make it to the top of the DxOMark leaderboards!

Source:- DxOMark

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