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Friday, October 27, 2017

Google will fix Pixel 2 XL issue with Software update

Software updates are the big fix for Google, it seems. After confirming that software updates would address complaints with the Pixel 2 XL’s display, the company has said that it’s also planning an update to address a Pixel 2 issue that has cropped up recently.

Earlier this week, users started publicly taking note of a clicking sound that they could hear while NFC is activated. The issue was catalogued by several different Pixel 2 owners, and so Google investigated the issue and will be fixing the problem in a subsequent software update.

Orrin, a Community Manager for Google’s Product Forums, confirmed today that Google will release a software update for the Pixel 2 in the coming weeks that addresses the clicking issue:

“We are validating a software update to address faint clicking sounds on some Pixel 2 devices. The update will be made available in the coming weeks. The clicking noise being reported does not affect the performance of your device but if you find it bothersome you can temporarily turn off NFC in Settings > Connected devices > NFC.”

As noted by Orrin, the clicking issue doesn’t impact the performance of the Pixel 2 in any way, but it could be pretty annoying. It’s good that Google is planning on fixing the issue, even if the software update might be a ways out.

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