YouTube rolling out live streaming on mobile app for creators with 10K subs

Live streaming from mobile devices is a big focus for a lot of companies, including Facebook and Twitter (who owns Periscope), so it’s not surprising that YouTube would want to jump into the fray as well.

The YouTube blog has announced that it’s green lighting its mobile live streaming feature for more creators today. Specifically, mobile live streaming is now available for content creators with 10,000 subscribers or more. YouTube does confirm that “the rest of you will have it soon!” without giving an exact date.

Creators that meet this criteria will find that live streaming capabilities are built right into the YouTube app. They just need to open the app and hit the capture button. They can set a thumbnail for their live stream and name it, too, before they start streaming for everyone to watch. Those who live stream now will notice that the chat connected to the stream is slower, so that creators can better see comments as they come in.

Going further, YouTube also unveiled “Super Chat,” which will allow subscribers to pay for chat messages that get pinned to the top of the chat thread, and also stand out due to being highlighted in a bright color.

Soure:- Youtube Blog
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