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Microsost releases Project Rome SDK for Android , windows 10 pc control from Android app

Microsoft released the first version of its new Android based open source project called “Project Rome”. The project is basically an Android SDK that allows developers to create apps that can remotely control some parts of a Windows 10 PC. So any app with the integration of this SDK requires first to log into a Microsoft account then allows to access the features.

Any app with Project Rome support will scan the local network for a Windows 10 PC. Once find the pc app will launch any desire app of may trigger a new web page URL.

This new feature is just for controlling Android apps on a Windows 10 PC.This project is started for making bond between Android and Windows OS, as the Android is the Only popular OS among all smartphones user. Microsoft wants to work more with Android OS to maintain it's rule in the market. Beside of this Microsoft is the only Giant who is ruling on PC and Desktop OS in this Planet.

Project Rome Android SDK and it's first release can be found on GitHub.

Source:- Microsoft GithHUB

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