All you need to know about Android 11

First Developer Preview of Android 11 is out and the schedule for upcoming builds has also released.
The latest build is available for Download and for testing. Google typically releases developer builds of new Android versions in March, but Android 11's first developer preview has been released earlier than the regular release cycle.

Android 11 full timeline:

  • Android 11 Developer Preview 1: February

  • Android 11 Developer Preview 2: March

  • Android 11 Developer Preview 3: April

  • Android 11 Beta 1: May

  • Android 11 Beta 2: June

  • Android 11 Beta 3: Q3 2020

  • Android 11 final build: Q3 2020

This time Google focuses on bringing enhancements in its OS for foldable phones and screen types, new camera capabilities, privacy-centric tools, convenient app behavior, 5G-related improvements, and a lot more.

According to Google, system images, as well as GSI files for the first Android 11 Developer Preview, are now available to download for the Pixel 4, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, and the Pixel 2. These latest builds are high alpha and only meant to developers, not the end-users. As per Android Blog, beta testing for Android 11 will be available soon for users on an invite basis. 
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