Instagram is rolling out more safety tools

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet, and those working behind-the-scenes are developing tools to make sure the network of people is safe while visiting the platform.

On Tuesday, Instagram announced three new tools that are rolling out in the coming weeks, the first of which is called “About This Account”. This is designed to show more information regarding accounts with a large following so users can “evaluate the authenticity of the account”. When this feature goes live you’ll be able to select a profile, choose the “…” option, and then select the “About This Account” option.

The information therein will show the country of origin, when the account joined Instagram, any username changes the account has undergone, and any accounts with shared followers. This tool goes live for accounts with larger follower numbers in September, and then will launch to the global audience after that.

The two other additions are a more direct way to get an account verified on the platform and official support for third-party authenticator apps. The new verification tool is a form within the app, which account owners that have a large following can fill out and submit to directly request verification from Instagram.

Accounts that want to apply will need their account name, your real name, and “a copy of your legal or business identification”, which Instagram says none of which will be shared publicly.

Finally, third-party authenticator app support. This means you can have another method of two-factor authentication. To get it to work, you’ll need to “select ‘Settings’ at the bottom and then choose ‘Two-Factor Authentication.’ Select ‘Authentication App’ as your preferred form of authentication.” Instagram says that if you already have a third-party authenticator app on your device, the app will automatically choose it, send a code, and you can then use that app for future authentications as well.

Third-party authenticator app support begins rolling out this week.

Source:- Instagram
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