Rumor suggests three Galaxy S10 Model with Infinity Display

Samsung Galaxy S9 has been on the market for months now, some folks are turning their attention to what’s coming next, even leapfrogging the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 that’s scheduled to be unveiled on August 9.

Early next year, it’s likely that Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S10. And while that is a ways off, the rumor mill is already starting to churn out reports on what we might have to look forward to. According to AllAboutSamsung and Ice Universe, Samsung may be planning on launching three models of the Galaxy S10, with some major distinctions between the models.

Samsung has reportedly codenamed the Galaxy S10 “Beyond”, and there are said to be three separate models of the handset right now. The Beyond0 and Beyond1 will be outfitted with a pair of cameras on their back, while the model Beyond2 will reportedly feature three rear cameras. The cameras in the Beyond2 are said to include a 12-megapixel main camera with a variable aperture between f/1.5 and f/2.4, a 123-degree super wide angle lens, and a 13MP zoom camera. The Beyond1 and Beyond0 will reportedly feature a standard 12MP camera on the back and a super wide angle camera.

It’s rumored that the Beyond0 will be a lower-priced Galaxy S10 variant, the Beyond1 will be the “standard” model, and the Beyond2 will be the Galaxy S10+. The Beyond2 and Beyond1 are also rumored to feature in-display fingerprint readers while the Beyond0 is said to be equipped with a fingerprint reader on its side.

As far as rumors go, this one doesn’t seem completely outlandish by any means. Samsung has usually kept to a two-model release window, a standard model and a Plus variant, but opting to go with three next year doesn’t seem like a huge leap. Perhaps now might be a good time to mention that Apple is also rumored to be launching three smartphones later this year.

Either way, we’re months away from anything happening on a Galaxy S10 front, so these plans may get scrapped and we may ultimately see just two models early next year. What do you think of Samsung possibly launching a smartphone with three rear cameras next year?

Source:- AllAboutSamsung
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