Oneplus 5T appears in new leaked images

OnePlus is a company that exemplifies the belief that where there’s a will, there’s a way. The underdog smartphone manufacturer built itself into a significant player in just a few years, garnering a loyal fan base with premium devices and strong post-purchase support. Part of the company’s strategy is to stick to a small selection of devices. The next device to join the line is the OnePlus 5T, an unreleased device that has appeared in a leaked image.

The image doesn’t offer a lot of information on the OnePlus 5T, but it does provide us with a clear view of the 5T’s signature features, at least on the top half. Rounded corners, svelte bezels, and an expansive display culminate in an attractive design that exudes quality. Rumors have pointed to a 6-inch screen size that should provide an extraordinary media experience, while remaining usable with a design that cuts down on excess bezel space.

A launch is expected to arrive on November 16. Stay tuned for further updates and rumors regarding the OnePlus 5T.

Source:- @evleaks 
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