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Samsung and Qualcomm together working on new Snapdragon Chipset for Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been released and we’re already hearing rumors about its successor. The latest rumor is about the processor that will be powering the future Galaxy S9.

The rumor states that Samsung and Qualcomm are already working on the new processor that will power the GS9 flagship. The processor will likely be called the Snapdragon 845 and will be based on Samsung’s second generation 10-nanometer technology. The current Snapdragon 835 is based on 10-nanometer tech, but the second generation is 10% faster and 15% more energy efficient.

With Samsung working closely with Qualcomm and even manufacturing the Snapdragon 835, planning out the next generation processor makes sense. It might even prevent supply issues when the next set of flagships launch next year.

Source:- TheInvester

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