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Instagram new update brings Two-Factor Authentication and blur for sensitive content

Instagram's latest update is bringing some exiting features to its users. Instagram users can now enable two-factor authentication for their account to make it more safe. With two-factor authentication, users can tie their phone number to their Instagram account and will receive a security code to confirm their identity while logging in.
To turn on two-factor authentication for your Instagram account, tap on the gear icon found on your profile page and select the option from the menu. You will then need to provide your phone number to complete the setup.

Another feature is targeted at users who do not want to stumble across sensitive content on Instagram. The Instagram format of scrolling through the feed makes users vulnerable to potentially sensitive images and videos. To avoid any unexpected surprises, Instagram will blur any such content flagged by users, even if it does not violate Instagram’s guidelines. These blurred posts will only be revealed to users who tap on them.

This latest update is now available to Instagram users worldwide right now.

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