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Google Chrome's new update will consume less battery and improved background performance

One of the worst thing with one of the best web browser is it sucks battery life faster then anyone we are talking about the Search giant's Google's Chrome but the biggest issue with Chrome is now noticed by Google.

According to a post on Google's Chromium blog, the change, which went live with Chrome version 57, makes background tabs 25% less busy. This, in turn, should have a considerable impact on a laptop's battery life, though Google doesn't state exactly how big.

The change will not affect tabs playing audio or maintaining real-time connections such as WebSockets and WebRTC.

A technical explanation, aimed at developers, of how the new Chrome handles background tabs is available here.

Chrome 57 is available for download now. If you already have it, it likely auto-updated to the last available version already. 

Source:- Google Chrome Blog

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