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Monday, January 23, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire caused by two separate battery

Samsung Electronics today confirmed the cause of its Galaxy Note 7 fires, stating that the crisis stemmed from two separate battery issues. The first round was caused by a flaw in the battery design, which could cause electrodes to bend and eventually allow the positive and negative tabs to come into contact, short circuiting the battery. The second round of batteries, which came from a supplier in Hong Kong, had no flaws in the design. Rather, these batteries faced similar problems due to a manufacturer issue after production was quickly ramped up to provide Samsung with batteries. In the rush to produce batteries, a welding defect occurred in the batteries, which caused them to short circuit.

Samsung’s explanation partially correlates with a report from The Wall Street Journal, released on Friday, which stated that the battery fires were caused by two separate issues.

In the end, it turns out that there was no defect with the device itself, but with the batteries. It’s unfortunate that Samsung was hit with these two separate issues, which led to a complete shutdown and recall, amounting to billions of dollars lost.

To prevent further incidents in the future, Samsung is implementing a number of new safety measures and an 8-point battery safety check. The company has also assembled a Battery Advisory Group composed of experts, academics, and external advisers. This group will help to ensure that Samsung continues to innovate and promote safety within its batteries.

Source:- Samsung 

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