HTC all set for new announcement on January

HTC has begun sending out teasers for an announcment on January 12, 2017, with no other information than saying, “Something big is coming from HTC…For U.” The nature of the announcement is unknown, as it remains unclear what the event is regarding. The most likely cause is a new smartphone, but it seems unlikely that HTC would release a new flagship so early in 2017. The most likely device to be announced is the rumored HTC X10, which is an upcoming mid-range device.

It’s also possible that HTC could be announcing something entirely different. This opens up the realm of possibilities to a wide range including everything from VR to new company collaborations. With such a minimalist approach to the teaser, there’s not much in the way of clues. The only notable design piece is that the U is just a rotated version of the C from HTC’s logo.

We’ll keep you updated on HTC’s official announcement on January 12.

Source:- HTC Twitter
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