How to Root Google Pixel and Pixel XL with Chainfire's root

Google Pixel has started to finally arrive to customers, and so has the Chainfire root method for the brand new smartphone models. One of the most exciting Android phones to arrive, Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with Android 7.1 Nougat, out of the box. New hardware, the very latest software, and a promise of regular security updates – what else does one need from an Android phone? Yes, the ability to root them!

Download Chainfire for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Chainfire, the popular developer of SuperSU, has released a root method for the Pixel phones. The systemless root is now available for users to download. Thankfully, the first root of Google Pixel phones didn’t take that long, all due to the efforts of Chainfire. But, be warned that “there will undoubtedly be bugs both with this version of SuperSU and this root mechanism,” Chainfire has said.
Here’s root for the new Pixels. This post doubles as release notes for SuperSU v2.78 SR2.
The images for the Pixels need to be ‘fastboot boot‘ed, not flashed. After a few minutes (have patience) and a couple of (automatic) reboots, Android should boot fully rooted. Read the README in the ZIP.
There’s a lot of text below, and depending on your technical knowledge a lot of it may make very little sense to you, but I’d still suggest giving all of it a read.
As this is all pretty new, make sure you have a stock firmware around. Should anything go wrong, flashing back the stock boot.img should fix things.
If you aren’t experienced with the process, avoiding it would be better. But, if you do want to go forward, here are the links to download Chainfire for Google Pixel and XL.

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