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Google Maps new update support for Add Stop function and new improved features

Google Maps is getting better and better with every update as Google adds features and improves the overall functionality of the app. The latest update is no different, adding features and laying the groundwork for more in the future.

This new update improves the feature of adding stops during your route. Rather than a white “Add Stop” button on a white background, the button has gotten bigger and bluer. It will also now animate outward to show you’ve added the stop, which is pretty important when you’re on the road.

Google has also added an “On These Lists” section for restaurants to display recent lists or articles that the restaurant has been mentioned in.

Lastly, you can now toggle the app to always start in satellite mode if you prefer.

For the future, Google has added some code for a potential feature that will display hotel deals in the area. Of course, this can be scrapped anytime and isn’t guaranteed to happen, but it’s something to keep an eye out for. Check the Play Store for the update and let us know what you think!

Source:- Google Maps(Google Play)

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