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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Twitter is adding more control to stop abusers

Twitter is rolling out some new features this week aimed at reducing abuse and harassment, following up on changes introduced a few weeks ago. More than just making it easier to report abuse, it’s trying to make sure you don’t see it in the first place.

The changes should be available worldwide in the "coming days and weeks." The mute controls aren't Twitter's strongest weapon against abuse, since they don't actually stop trolls by themselves -- you just don't see their vitriol in your mentions. However, it might discourage harassment by making it clear that the targets won't have to put up with that hate, even from dedicated harassers who create new accounts as quickly as the old ones are knocked down. If nothing else, it shows that Twitter was telling the truth when it said it would pick up the pace on anti-abuse features.

Source:- Twitter

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