Google is testing Smart features and Gesture control in Android

The idea that Google is testing “smarter features” in Android is not all that surprising, considering forward momentum is essential to keeping up with competing forces and keeping people interested in your platform.

In a new report, VentureBeat has a brief look at what that progress might look like. According to unnamed sources, Google is currently at work on improving the Android platform to make things smarter and easier for the user.

First, Google is reportedly working on something called “Copy Less.” With it, the company wants to limit how often users have to copy something from one app and get it over to another app. The example given in the article is that a user could be talking about finding a restaurant with someone, switch over to an app like Yelp and find the restaurant info, and then transitioning back to the message, typing “it’s at” and then Google’s Gboard app would automatically suggest the address. The user can then simply tap on the address, have it populate in the message, and send it, without actually having to try and copy specific pieces of text.

The sources also say that Android will soon have better support for certain text in messaging app. So, if someone sends someone an address in the stock messaging app, they’ll be able to tap it and open Google Maps. However, the report does mention that this may be only available in the Android Messages app, and so it isn’t clear if this means Android will support it across other messaging apps.

Finally, the report details that gestures are set to make a comeback. The source says that users will be able to draw a letter on the screen to immediately launch an app. For example, drawing a “C” on the screen can launch a list of recent contacts.

The report says that these new features might not make the cut for the newest version of Android, which Google is expected to show off at this year’s I/O developers conference this May. So if these new features are indeed being planned, we may have to keep waiting to see them realized.
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