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Google Assistant now rolling out to all Android Marshmallow and Nougat Devices

Google recently announced that it will roll out its best AI based Google Assistant to all Android Phones running on Marshmallow and Nougat and now it seems that Google is on its way to release that update.

Google Assistant for All Android

Google has just launched a YouTube video welcoming Assistant to those handsets. The video is a standard promotional clip, with the Assistant icon popping up on devices that have access to the digital personal assistant (there are a lot of Pixels in there).

We also get to see a kid covered in flour, with a narrator telling Assistant to remind them to buy more flour.Google confirms in the description of the video that Assistant is rolling out to Android Marshmallow and Nougat devices beginning today.

In its initial announcement of the rollout in February, Google said that Assistant would arrive for English speakers in the United States first. It will then roll out for English users in Australia, Canada, and in the United Kingdom. It will also arrive for German speakers in Germany around the same time.

Source:- Google

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  1. Can my android samsung note 3 sm-n9005 to android nougat...


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