Oneplus 5T getting Gesture controls in Open Beta 3

If you are a fan of gestures like what you’ve seen on the iPhone X from Apple and you happen to have a OnePlus 5T running beta software, you might want to check out the latest update.

OnePlus has officially started rolling out the Open Beta 3 to the OnePlus 5T owners who are testing the pre-release software. According to the company, this brings with it new gesture controls which will let users quickly navigate their device if they disable the Android navigation buttons.

Over on Reddit, folks who already have Open Beta 3 on their devices have tried out the new navigational gestures and found them to be pretty quick and easy. Sliding up from the bottom left or bottom right of the screen will make you go back. Sliding up from the middle of the screen will take the user home. And if you pause for a moment after you slide up from the middle of the display, you’ll open the app switcher.

If you want to see what the navigation gestures look like in action, check out the video through this link. The new Open Beta 3 also comes with a few other key additions and changes. The official changelog is below:

Phone :-

Added pick-up gesture switcher

You can now choose which way you slide (up or down) to pick up a phone call

System :- 

General bug fixes and improvements

Removed Clipboard function

Thanks for your feedback, we removed this feature based on that.
Applied CPU security patch: CVE-2017-13218

Added new Navigation gestures that you can enable by going into settings and disabling the nav bar.

India only:- 

Added SMS categorization function for India only

This is an India only feature that auto-sorts your SMS messages into categories. Open Beta 3 is now available. What do you think of the new gesture controls?

Source:- Oneplus
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